About Us

Taurus Brown Research Sdn Bhd, incorporated in Malaysia, is a company that operates in two segments: (1) fund management and (2) equity research.

Our fund management segment oversees private portfolios that invest in both local and international equity, derivatives and currency markets. Our fund’s main focus is placed on growth companies in the emerging markets as well as deeply undervalued securities identifiable from time to time in the developed markets.

Our equity research arm conducts primary research on companies using a top-down approach – from macro level to industry to financial statement. We start by assessing the health of the world economy vis-à-vis economic developments such as structural and socio-economic reforms, central bank and budget policies, trade activities, conformity to free trade agreement (FTA), etcetera. In our effort to study the dynamics across industries, we consult experts in relevant field through which a consensus is derived and combined with our findings from statistical providers to draw inferences about industry prospects. To wrap up, our team of analysts will perform financial statement analysis and valuation (collectively known as financial modelling) for companies in an industry that would have been classified as “outperform” from above and in due course identify attractive counters for potential addition to portfolio.